Simple Tricks to Get Free Codes for iTunes

Simple Tricks to Get Free Codes for iTunes

Are you big fan of music? Have you heard about iTunes? iTunes is actually one of the most popular music player where you will be able to download and listen to songs. With iTunes, you will be able to download music instantaneously. However, downloading songs can cost you a lot of money especially when you are downloading a collection of song. In such case, you will have to follow some other procedure.

However, you can get free codes that will enable you to download unlimited songs from this site. Here are some tricks that will help you to secure these codes for free.

Reviewing Products

When a companies that launches a product and asks customers for its reviews. There are some of them that offer free iTunes codes if you agree to review the product that they are selling. You will come across these sites legitimately over the internet. Once you have the code you can freely download music on your iPad.

Take Part in a Survey

You can also participate in a survey in order to get free iTunes code. There are numerous websites over the internet which will either give free music download or code for iTunes simply because you participated in it. In exchange for the time you have spared they will gift you music.

Purchasing Products

It might sound strange but it is a really easy procedure. There are companies that will offer you these codes when you purchase their product. As a matter of fact, apple itself offers these when you purchase an iPad. When you activate the device for the first time, you will be able to use these codes.

Using these codes means access to unlimited music. Apart from music, you will also be able to download movies and games. These codes are a real deal for a music lover.

7 Fool Proof Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram has become the second most sought after social network after Facebook and many people have wondered why. Instagram has recently introduced exciting brand-friendly features which have made it a hit especially among marketers. This is why with more than 400 million users and better engagement rate Instagram is quickly emerging as the new king of social media.


Whether you are growing a personal account or trying to enhance your business through Instagram, you need to get more accounts to follow you. Here are some widely used ways to do this:

  1. Social media marketing gurus have said that liking random pictures posted by your target audience is one of the best and easiest ways to get a follow back. It has been found in an experiment that for every 100 posts you like, you get around 6 followers.
  2. Promote your Instagram page on other social media pages which may already have some popularity. For e.g. YouTube. If you have a fairly famous YouTube Vlog, you can invite viewers to check out your Instagram page for behind-the-scene pictures, teasers of upcoming videos etc.
  3. Timing matters. Research on the best time to put up new posts has shown that photos posted at 2am or 5pm are most viewed. Therefore, these are the most effective time for new posts.
  4. Define your purpose properly. Make sure that your bio is complete and informative. It must include relevant information and keywords, and must have a link to your site. Also, don’t be spammy in you bio.
  5. Try different way to increase engagement with your followers. One great way to do this to ask questions in captions.
  6. Try to get your images as much visibility as possible by choosing popular hash tags and carefully selecting the time of posts. It has been seen that fewest images are posed on Sundays. So posting more on Sundays will get you more visibility.

Lastly, remember that quality beats quantity. Following these tips will make sure that your free instagram followers count increases in just a few days!

Top Tricks to Play the Hungry Shark Evolution Game Better


Hungry Shark Evolution Game is one of those addictive games that demand your full attention once you start playing it. The basic gist of this game is pretty simple: eat everything you can until you die. It has various exciting missions laden with hazards like giant crabs and other sharks. All they want is your frenzy to end.

If you are searching for how to get more resources in hungry shark evolution game you have come to the right place. Here are a few Hungry Shark Evolution Hack Tool you need to know to play this game!

Getting a Baby Shark Can Be Helpful

Unlocking baby sharks are great as they swim alongside the main shark and help you to eat everything that comes in your way. Baby sharks can be unlocked by buying them with coins or gems. Once you have chosen the main shark for your play, go to the shop and while buying the main shark also get its baby version. Baby Mako Shark which has a stamina of +10 will cost you 20 gems while a Baby Megalodon Shark with a stamina of +30 will cost 900 gems. You can also get a Baby Reed Shark for 1000 coins.

Exposing the Giant Enemy Crabs Weak Point

In order to do this, you have to provoke a giant enemy crab and make sure that you successfully dodge its pincer attacks three times. This will expose it glowing weak point which can be attacked with a boost attack each time. As you attack, the weak point will change color signifying its health. When in full health, the point will glow green, orange when health is 50%, red signifies close to defeat.